Price Brown Trophy


Sunday September 4th saw the first Price Brown Trophy lawn bowls competition at Bowling Club de Zurgena.

36 bowlers took part in the yardstick competition where the object is to get as many bowls as possible within a yard of the jack (the target). The competition was played over 18 ends split into three sessions of 6 ends, with breaks for refreshment between each sessions. Refreshments consisting of homemade cakes donated by members and guests and a burger and salad lunch. And maybe the odd beer or glass of wine.

The players were well supported by guests and representatives of Price Brown Partnership.

The eventual winners, by quite a margin were Mike Philpott, Paul Day and Simon Ellis with 67 points and the runners up Arthur Colman, Jim Rooney and Lorraine Malt with 54 points.

The winners were presented with the Price Brown Trophy and the winners and runners up presented with bottles of Cava, again sponsored by Price Brown.

The day was rounded off, surprisingly, with more beer and wine.

A great day was had by all and Bowling Club de Zurgena express a huge thanks to the sponsors Price Brown Partnership of Mojacar for all their sponsorship and support, and the beautiful hamper they donated which raised much appreciated funds for the club.


Competition Rules

Play will follow the normal triples format with the following exceptions:-

  • Toss of a coin will decide the mat on the first end of each round. On subsequent ends the mat will go to the nearest to the jack.
  • No practice ends are allowed.
  • No visiting the head.
  • Points are available for both teams on every end
  • If the jack leaves the rink of play it will be re-spotted on the centre line as close to the T as possible
  • Any bowl within the yardstick measure will count 1 point (if the yardstick fits between the jack and a bowl then that bowl DOES NOT COUNT)
  • If no bowl is closer to the jack than the yardstick there will be no score for either team
  • The score card of each team will be updated with points for and against at each end
  • After 6 ends both teams will change rinks as stated on their card
  • The winning team will be the team with the highest number of points after 18 ends
  • In the event of a tie - point difference will decide the winner


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