Ibex Trophy


The Ibex Trophy for 2022 was held on May 29th.

A great day was had by all despite the very hot weather.

The competition was close but it was the trio of Charles Hayes, Lydia Davis and our Club Captain Ian Mason that came out on top with 75 points.

They were closely followed by Martin McLoughlin, Malcolm Cleife and Lyn Brimble  with 73 points.




Play will follow the normal triples format, over 18 ends with the following exceptions:- 

  • Toss of a coin will decide the mat on the first end of each round. On subsequent ends the mat will go to the nearest to the jack.

  • No practice ends are allowed.

  • If the jack leaves the rink (other than in the ditch) it will be re-spotted on the centre line as close to the T as possible

  • Points are available for both teams on every end

  • The closest bowl to the jack will score 3 points, the second closest 2 points and the third closest 1 point

  • If two or more bowls are equidistant from the jack then the points due will be shared

  • The score card of each team will be updated with points for and against at each end

  • After the 6th end and the 12th end all teams will change rinks as stated on their card – there will be an interval during changeovers.

  • The winning team will be the team with the highest number of points after 18 ends

  • In the event of a tie - point difference will decide the winner

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